• Mobile Dual Phase Extraction System

    Mobile Dual Phase Extraction System

    Vacuum Assisted Multi-Phase In-Situ Remedial Extraction (VAMPIRE®) is an innovative and cost effective remediation method that removes multiple phase (vapor, adsorbed, dissolved and free phase) VOCs simultaneously from both the vadose and saturated zones. This mobile system is an excellent compliment to a risk based corrective action program by readily removing source materials.

    In situ Remediation and Injection

    Chase has been active in the environmental industry for In Situ Remediation and continues to implement new technologies for the soil and groundwater remediation. In Situ injections using direct push technology has created an enormous amount of operational flexibility while providing the most cost-efficient method to deliver the injection product to the contaminated matrix. More info...

  • Injection Reagents

    These reagents may include:

    • Chemical Oxidants – Fenton's Reagent, Klozur, Klozur CR, Potassium and Sodium Permanganate, RegenOx, DrillOx
    • Chemical Reductants – EHC, EHC-A, Calcium Polysulfide, ZVI, Ferrous Chloride, Sodium Hydrosulfide.
    • Electron Donors – SRS, Sodium Lactate HRC, HRC Advanced, ABC
    • Bioaugmentation – SDC-9
    • Slow Release Oxygen - ORC, ORC Advanced, EHC-O, Permeox

  • Injection Tooling

    Chase has implemented customized top-down and bottom-up injection tooling that allow us to inject remedial compounds at specific target intervals.

    Chase can also implement the Primawave™ technology - Hornet or Sidewinder - which is placed on top of direct push-type injection tool strings to enhance subsurface distribution through pulsing of the injectate.

    Mobile Water Treatment Equipment

    Chase operates mobile water treatment equipment for water contaminated with hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and metals. Water is treated and discharged to an approved discharge point, which saves the expense of transporting and disposing water at an offsite recycling facility.

  • Specialty Construction

    Chase has successfully and repeatedly completed complex projects with an on time and under budget record. Services performed include:

    • Landfill cap construction
    • Groundwater collection system construction
    • Laboratory decontamination projects
    • Facility demolition
    • Chemical lab pack services