Underground Storage Tank Removal

Chase provides turn-key operations for underground tank removal services. Chase has coordinated and managed UST removals for a variety of industrial and public sector clients. Services often include conducting interim activities and submitting UST removal reports to regulatory agencies. State certified personnel complete excavation, tank interior cleaning, tank disposal and remediation.

Chase Environmental Group (Chase) has removed hundreds of underground storage tanks. Tanks have been located in military, industrial and commercial sites, and airports. Typical tank removal projects have ranged in size from 500-gallon to 10,000-gallon tanks.

Site Remediation

After a tank has been removed, soil and ground-water samples are collected and analyzed as required by state regulations. 

If the analytical results taken from the soil samples are above regulatory limits, Chase develops state approved corrective action plans for remediating the site. Activities may include excavation, profiling, and waste disposal, or remediation using alternative remedial measures such as insitu bioremediation and soil vapor extraction.

Tank Waste Management

Tanks may contain sludge, which is sampled, profiled and disposed of as special waste or hazardous waste. Any water in tanks or tank pits is removed sampled, analyzed and treated, or recycled.

Groundwater Investigation

As appropriate, hydrogeologic assessments include installation, development, and sampling of monitoring wells; abandonment of inactive and/or improperly constructed monitoring wells; and development and implementation of monitoring programs for reporting ground-water data.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for eligible tank owners / operators through a motor fuel tax or fees collected by most states. The funds are then used to remove leaking USTs, conduct site remediation, and perform correction action if required. Chase acts as a liaison between UST owners / operators and regulatory agencies to minimize or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses incurred while closing the environmental incident.

Information on individual state programs can be found here:

Kentucky – Kentucky Storage Tank Branch – Kentucky Energy and Environmental Cabinet
Illinois – Leaking Underground Storage Tanks – Illinois EPA – Bureau of Land (state.il.us)
Indiana – IDEM: Storage Tanks: Underground Storage Tanks (in.gov)
Tennessee – Underground Storage Tanks (tn.gov)

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