Mold, Asbestos & Lead Remediation

Mold Abatement

Chase Environmental Group’s approach to mold inspection and abatement provides the attention to detail necessary to identify a mold problem, successfully restore your building and avoid mold litigation. We own the most current abatement equipment including HEPA air filtration systems, negative air pressure systems and HEPA vacuum equipment.


The presence of asbestos, generally, is not easily identified by the human eye. Unless properly trained and licensed, it is important not to handle materials you suspect may contain asbestos because doing so could create a hazardous exposure. Trained asbestos professionals know what to look for and what necessary precautions must be used in handling asbestos-containing materials.

Chase’s staff of environmental professionals are trained in identifying and “bulk” sampling potential asbestos-containing materials. To ensure the safety of our clients, samples are carefully collected using a strict quality control program and then analyzed by a NEVLAP accredited laboratory. Chase certified personnel have the appropriate training, experience and licensing necessary to offer asbestos abatement solutions to our clients.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your mold and asbestos removal, email: Chase Environmental Group or call: 502-267-1455.

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