Industrial Radiation Safety Services

  • Radiation Safety Planning

    Chase Environmental Group offers consulting services to cover all your radiation safety needs. We start by doing an initial audit to assess your facility's needs and offer detailed reporting of the current status of your Radiation Safety Plan. If you do not have a plan in place, our company can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan that will meet and exceed legislative requirements. We can offer third party verification of compliance to ensure your program will pass State and Federal required safety audits. Working with our clients, Chase has established open communications with State and Federal auditing agencies regarding all aspects radiation safety compliance.

    • Compliance Audits
    • Complete Radiation Safety Management Programs
    • License application and termination
    • Rad Melt programs and contingency plans

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  • Radiation And Industrial Safety Training

    Chase Environmental offers a wide variety of industrial safety management courses to suit your needs, we have prepackaged training courses that can be delivered via instructor lead classroom on or off site, and the option of WEB based training that can be administered by Chase or the client. The Chase difference is that we will customize the training to our clients requirements based on equipment being used and type of work required by client employees. Training is tracked and testing verifies student knowledge. Training modules are developed in cooperation with our clients to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    View the Radiation Safety Training Class schedule here.


    • Basic Radiation Worker
    • Radiation Safety Officer
    • Radiation Gauge user
    • X Ray Devices
    • Load Inspector
    • Fixed Monitor
    • HazMat (Hazardous Material Training)

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  • Technical Services - Repair Radiation Portal Monitor:

    Our Technical Services staff offer comprehensive testing and repairing of your Radiation Portal Monitors. Our staff is responsive and understands the urgency and importance of having a fully functional monitoring system. Our company specializes in calibration and repair of Exploranium branded systems and has over 20 years' experience in servicing and repairing systems. We are continually upgrading our skills and adding other vendors to our capabilities. No other service provider can offer the knowledge and expertise needed to keep you Radiation Monitor performing at its peak.

    • Radiation Portal Monitor Repair and Calibration
    • Inhouse repair service
    • Complete system refurbishment
    • Extensive spare parts inventory
    • Installation and relocation servicest
    • Site analysis and system recommendations
    • Remote capabilities (Exploranium Systems)

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  • Nuclear Gauge Removal And Repair Service:

    Chase field techs offer cradle to grave gauge removal services. We will identify source registry, physically remove the source, package for transport, offer disposal options and assist with license termination. Our professionals will work with you to ensure compliance, safety, and ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

    • Nuclear Gauge Removal
    • Nuclear Gauge Repair
    • Licensing
    • Sealed Source Leak Testing
    • Radioactive Source Disposal

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  • Project Management

    No matter how big or small your Radiation program needs are, Chase offers competent specialists to manage a wide variety of project. From Radiation safety Plans, Training, Compliance, Licensing, Surveys, Remediation, Disposal, and Free Release, our staff will lead you through all required safety and legislative steps to complete your project.

    Chase Environmental Radiological Service Group

    • Industrial Radiation Service Consulting
    • Field Services
    • Brokerage
    • Transportation
    • Disposal

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