• Sealed Source Leak Testing

    Radioactive Sealed Source Disposal, Recycling and Leak Testing

    Unparalleled Sealed Source Management

    • License Transfer for Recycling Whenever Possible
    • Direct Source Disposal
    • Disassembly of Gauges & Devices
    • Source Consolidation for Disposal Cost Savings
    • Sealed Source Leak Testing and Leak Test Kits

    Sealed Source Leak Testing Kits

    Most radioactive materials licenses require that sealed sources are periodically tested for leaks. Chase provides fast and accurate sealed source leak testing under our TN Radioactive Materials License. Contact us for more information and to obtain your sealed source leak test kit. Email: dhoover@chaseenv.com

    Sealed Source Consolidation Program

    Chase offers a Radioactive Sealed Source Recycling, Recovery and Consolidation Program for unwanted, excess, or obsolete Sealed Sources and Devices. The personnel at Chase have experience in the successful recovery/disposal of thousands of sealed sources – from microcurie check sources up to kilocurie irradiation sources.

    We work with all the major gauge/device manufacturers and maintain disposal contracts with all licensed disposal facilities. Chase will provide owners of sealed sources or devices a written quotation for removal/recycle/disposal options.

    We offer turnkey removal, packaging and transportation on a “milk-run” or exclusive use basis. Additionally, Chase can disassemble gauges or devices that contain sealed sources at the Alaron hot cell facility located in Wampum, Pennsylvania and can provide sealed source leak testing kits and surveys for our customer’s sources.

    Contact us to see how we can help you with your Sealed Source Management. E-mail: joneil@chaseenv.com or call toll free: 877-389-2124.