• NORM and radioactive waste management

    NORM and Rad Waste Management

    The Waste Brokerage Staff at Chase is well versed in assisting companies who may not be licensed to possess NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) – safely dispose of such problematic materials.

    In instances where scrap materials are found to contain radioactive materials or NORM, Chase offers turn-key management:

    • Regulatory Guidance
    • Waste Characterization
    • Packaging
    • Transportation
    • Disposal

    Regulatory Guidance

    We will explain the legal ramifications and help you negotiate follow up activities with the regulatory agencies involved.

    Waste Characterization

    A Chase Radioactive Waste Broker will provide characterization services to identify the nuclides and activity present and then come up with a solution for the safe removal and final disposal of the offensive items.

    Packaging, Transportation and Disposal

    All waste will be managed under a radioactive materials license or other approved legal protocols and proof of final disposal will be provided at the conclusion of removal activities.

    As a follow up service Chase can evaluate your facility or property for any residual radioactivity that remains as a result of the handling of contaminated scrap materials.

    Contact us to speak with a Radioactive Waste Broker about your NORM and Radioactive Waste Management needs. To request a quote, e-mail: joneil@chaseenv.com or call: 865-816-6015.