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    Mold Abatement

    Chase Environmental Group's approach to mold inspection and abatement provides the attention to detail necessary to identify a mold problem, successfully restore your building and avoid mold litigation. Chase personnel are nationally certified by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. We own the most current abatement equipment including HEPA air filtration systems, negative air pressure systems and HEPA vacuum equipment.


    The presence of asbestos, generally, is not easily identified by the human eye. Unless properly trained and licensed, it is important not to handle materials you suspect may contain asbestos because doing so could create a hazardous exposure. Trained asbestos professionals know what to look for and what necessary precautions must be used in handling asbestos-containing materials.

    Chase's staff of environmental professionals are trained in identifying and "bulk" sampling potential asbestos-containing materials. To ensure the safety of our clients, samples are carefully collected using a strict quality control program and then analyzed by a NEVLAP accredited laboratory. Chase certified personnel have the appropriate training, experience and licensing necessary to offer asbestos abatement solutions to our clients.

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  • Maysville Community College Project

    Chase Environmental Group (Chase) was contracted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Finance and Administration Cabinet, Division of Engineering to provide asbestos, mold abatement and demolition services at the KCTCS Maysville Community College. The complete demolition, abatement and renovation were conducted over summer break in preparation of the students return.

    Interior Demolition: Ceiling panels, ductwork, water lines, floor coverings, drywall, air handling units, heating units were removed.

    Asbestos abatement—Asbestos containing materials (ACM) encountered during the demolition activities were removed and disposed.

    Mold abatement—After interior demolition activities were completed, mold contamination was removed by HEPA vacuum, TSP application, wiping and rinsing all interior surfaces of the building. “Enviroshield” mold inhibiting paint / encapsulant was applied in all areas above the drop ceilings and testing was performed to assure removal was complete.

    Chase’s portion of the project was completed in 75% of the allowed contract time at 88% of the proposed estimate.

    Maysville Community College, Maysville, Kentucky

    Regulatory Basis:
    Special Waste / OSHA /confined space

    Chemical: Asbestos

  • Demolition of former manufacturing facility at Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    Our company was contracted by GZA Environmental to provide services including the demolition of a manufacturing facility, slab and parking areas. The building was approximately 165,000 SF and was constructed of metal / concrete and brick with steel girder supports. In addition to the demolition activities the following abatement/remediation activities were completed: 

    Asbestos abatement—Asbestos containing materials (ACM) including pipe insulation, transite panels, floor tiles and mastic were removed prior to demolition.

    Chromium—There were chrome plating activities conducted at this facility. Concrete was removed and crushed on-site 2/0 and returned to the footprint. Approximately 350 tons were removed beneath the slab (contaminated with hexavalent Chromium). Also, surplus chemicals, mercury switches, light ballast sand light tubes left onsite were removed, packaged and disposed prior to demolition.

    Chase provided all permits, licenses and oversite to complete the project in less than 50% of the contract time.

    Former Hallmack Facility, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

    Regulatory Basis:
    RCRA, Special Waste / OSHA

    Chemical: Chromium, Mercury, Asbestos, PCB

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