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    Philip Morris Project - Contaminated Soil, Excavation, Concrete Demolition, Storage Tank Remova

    Work Description – Excavation, Concrete Demolition, UST Removal including Transportation, and Disposal of Soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

    Chase Environmental Group (Chase) was contracted for the removal of three UST’s, excavation, transportation and disposal of all contaminated materials, the treatment of impacted groundwater and the restoration of the excavated footprint back to original grade. 

    The three UST’s consisted of (2) 30,000 gallon and (1) 15,000 gallon steel lined concrete tanks, which were installed in the 1940’s. The excavation footprint necessary to remove the tanks and the contamination plume was approximately 300’ x 65’ x 42 ft deep. An auger cast pile shoring system was installed to a depth of 60’ around the entire footprint to provide wall stability during excavation. Due to the extent of contamination, the excavation depth went approximately 15’ fellow the groundwater table. Once the contaminated soils were removed Chase employed a mobile oil recovery system and a mobile groundwater treatment system to clean the impacted groundwater to required limits. 

    Two underground concrete vaults approximately 35,000 gallons in size were uncovered during excavation activities. These vaults along with an underground coal silo, three foot thick concrete slab, foundation footings and coal conveyor system were demolished and the concrete and reinforcing steel disposed. 

    Over the course of the project Chase excavated and disposed of approximately 40,000 tons of contaminated soil and debris, recovered approximately 30,000 gallons of free product oil from the water table, treated approximately 1.3 million gallons of water and placed approximately 28,000 cubic yards of backfill material to required compaction specifications. 

    The project was completed in nine months, well within the contractual timeframe, and at a cost which was under the client’s budgeted amount.

    Louisville, KY

    Regulatory Basis:
    RCRA, Kentucky UST Regulations, OSHA

    Chemical: Hydrocarbons

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