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    In-Situ Treatment and Remediation

    Chase offers a variety of in-situ treatment and remediation services, which is another option for environmental remediation for active and inactive sites. Typical in-situ remediation strategies (such as injection of bioremediation agents) achieve groundwater and soil cleanup while minimizing impacts to site operations, which is advantageous to remediating sites with active operations or critical infrastructure.

    Bioremediation Injection Services

    Chase has extensive injection experience and has been very successful closing sites.  Our personnel are experienced injecting a variety of products, including ORC®, HRC®, Fenton's Reagent, microbes, permanganate, and iron.

    Chase is an approved installer of Remediation Products Inc. (RPI)'s Trap and Treat ® product line, which remediate petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents quickly and effectively.  Unlike many other products, Trap and Treat ® contains absorbent materials that attract and trap contamination, causing groundwater contamination concentrations to plummet and allowing rapid, efficient remediation.  RPI's products readily meet regulatory standards, are safe to install, remain active over long periods, treat all types of soil and groundwater conditions effectively, and reduce costs over time. [link to RPI-Group]  Contact us for more information on Chase's insitu remediation capabilities.

    Groundwater Treatment Systems

    Chase routinely provides exsitu groundwater treatment services using fixed or mobile systems. These systems may be installed as part of an overall remediation strategy, in conjunction with extraction well and piping system installation or optimizing an existing system. The type of contamination present determines the type of treatment train that will be required. Treatment trains may include:

    • Activated Carbon
    • Permanganate Impregnated Activated Carbon
    • Air Stripping
    • Oil/Water Separators
    • Sand/ Particulate Filters

    Mobile Dual Phase Extraction System

    Chase's mobile dual phase extraction unit, the VAMPIRE® system, (Vacuum Assisted Multi-Phase In-Situ Remedial Extraction) is an innovative and cost effective remediation method that removes multiple phase (vapor, adsorbed, dissolved and free phase) VOCs simultaneously from both the vadose and saturated zones. This mobile system is an excellent compliment to a risk based corrective action program by readily removing source materials.

    This mobile unit is ideal for short term (8/24/48 hours) events. The system is typically connected to one or more extraction wellheads. A drop tube (stinger) is inserted in the well to a level below the static water level. Air and water are removed via the stinger when the high level vacuum pump is activated.

    Fresh air can be introduced at the well surface to increase the airflow and enhance the liquid removal rate. A vacuum gauge is installed on the well casing to determine the amount of applied vacuum. The combined air and liquids are transferred to a liquid knockout tank and held in a storage tank for future disposal or pumped through an air stripper. The vapors are discharged into the atmosphere or into a carbon canister.

    The Vampire uses the following equipment:

    • 16 foot enclosed explosion proof trailer with heating and insulation.
    • Liquid ring pump capable of 300 CFM at 28" of Hg, powered by a 20 HP 3 phase electric motor;
    • 80 gallon vapor/water separation tank;
    • 30 GPM positive displacement water/product pump;
    • Explosion Proof interior compartments;
    • Control Panel;
    • Manifold system allowing extraction from 6 individual wells;
    • Individual Dwyer Instrument gas flow meters with digital read-out. Compensated for changes in vacuum pressure. Reads directly in ACFM and SCFM.
    • Diesel powered generator rated at 240 volt, 120 amps 3 phase 45 KW. The generator allows the equipment to work at location unable to provide 240 volt 3 phase power. The trailer also includes a transfer switch which allows the use of on-site power when available.


    In-situ Treatment and Remediation Projects

    Contact us to see how we can be of service to you, email: Chase Environmental Group or call toll free: 877-234-5687.