• Environmental Drilling Services Company

    Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling Services

    Chase personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in environmental drilling techniques using state-of-the-art equipment for environmental drilling, subsurface characterization, well installation and construction. Our drilling professionals and advanced equipment meet the most demanding job requirement on time and on budget. We have a reputation of consistently outperforming our competitors.

    Our services include:

    • Geotechnical Drilling Services
    • Single and Multiple Cased Monitoring Well Installation
    • Piezometer and Inclinometer Installation
    • Drilling Waste Management
    • Soil/Groundwater and Vadose sampling
    • Standard and Wireline Rock Coring
    • Recovery and Extraction Well Installation
    • Geotechnical Construction
    • Hollow Stem Auger, Mud and Air Rotary Drilling
    • Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling
    • Cathodic Protection Installation
    • Geoprobe Sampling
    • Direct Push Sampling and Well Installation
    • Injection of Biological/Chemical Treatment agents
    • Well Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Development
    • Well Abandonment
    • Soil Gas/Vapor Sampling

    Our drilling equipment includes:

    • CME High Torque Drilling Rigs
    • Truck and Track Mounted Direct Push Units (Geoprobe and AMS) with augering capabilities
    • High pressure grouting and injection units

    Licensed drillers in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Licensing in other states can be obtained if necessary.

    View a summary of drilling projects here.

    Contact us to see how we can help you with your Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling Services, email toddmills@chaseenv.com or call 888-575-9791.

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